Have you been using the Collisions: Equilibrium Game with your students? Below are some additional strategies to help with planning your lessons.

  • Before starting the game, ensure that students know the meaning of the following terms: reactants, products, collisions, reaction rate
    • As students play, introduce the terms exothermic reaction, endothermic reaction, pressure, moles of gas
  • Illustrate a simulated chemical equilibrium by transferring colored water from one container to another (as seen in this video: https://youtu.be/EAu-j9gYmXs)
  • Draw students’ attention to the number of moles of gas on each side of a reaction, and explain how changes in pressure affect the reaction when disturbed.
  • Explain equilibrium and reversible chemical reactions. Post these short YouTube videos for your students to watch!

Ask your students:

  • After playing Level 9, describe how to increase the solubility of an ionic solid.
  • After playing Level 19, describe what happened to the pressure when you successfully decreased [O2]. Why did this happen?

Challenge your students to master the Equilibrium Sandbox Achievements:

  • Disturb concentrations/number of particles to affect a certain product
  • Disturb heat or pressure to affect a certain product
  • Shift the reaction in certain directions
  • Add or remove heat from a reaction to shift the reaction in certain directions
  • Disturb pressure with no shift in equilibrium
  • Or, make up your own challenges and have students submit a screenshot of their work!