Acids & Bases Game
In the Acids & Bases game, players remove protons from acids and add protons to bases to create target ions and molecules.
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Core levels
Player removing a proton from an acid (HF) and donating it to a base (OH-)
Through observing acids as proton donors and bases as proton acceptors, players are introduced to the Bronsted-Lowry definition of acids and bases.
Comparison of a player removing a proton from a strong acid (HI) versus a player removing a proton from a weak acid (H2O)
Players can compare strong vs. weak acids by exploring the ‘ease’ of removing a proton. It will be easier to remove a proton from a strong acid than from a weak acid.
Player donates a proton from HCl to OH- to make H2O and Na+
In several levels, players will conduct neutralization reactions and create water and a salt.
Connected levels
Covalent Bonding and Acids & Bases
In these connected levels, there are molecules missing from the bank. Players must return to the Covalent Bonding game to build the missing molecules that they need in order to complete the Acids & Bases game.
Acids - HBr and H2O; Bases - NH3 and H2O In the Covalent Bonding game, players will need to build molecules that can behave as an acid and molecules that can behave as a base. These molecules can then be sent through the pipe to be used in the Acids & Bases game.
Player chooses the strongest acid (HI) from the Covalent Bonding game to be able to remove the proton with limited energy in the Acids and Bases game. Players will need to build acids in the Covalent Bonding game that are strong enough to protonate with the energy provided in the Acids & Bases game.
The Sandbox is an open-ended and exploratory environment designed for students to freely explore acids and bases. Complement your instruction by designing your own Sandbox activities and encourage your students to earn the built-in Achievements that focus on a specific topic within Acids & Bases (i.e. acid strength, neutralization, polyprotic acids, amphoteric substances).