Have you been using the Collisions: Acids and Bases Game with your students? Below are some additional strategies to help with planning your lessons. Acids and Bases game in Collisions!

  • Before starting the game, ensure that students know the meaning of the following terms: acid, base, strong acid, weak acid, proton donor, proton acceptor.
    • As students play, introduce the terms conjugate acid, conjugate base, neutralization reaction.
  • Illustrate that acid strength increases as atomic radius increases. Use the halogens as an example.
  • Draw students’ attention to polyprotic acids – explain that each proton ionizes successively, and can protonate more than one substance.
  • Explain neutralization reactions – students are always amazed when they realize that combining a strong acid and a strong base results in an innocuous solution. Post these short TikTok videos for your students to watch!
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  • Ask your students:
    • After playing Level 3, describe a neutralization reaction. Why do you think it’s called “neutralization?”
    • After playing Level 5, describe what it means for a substance to be “amphoteric.”
  • Challenge your students to master the Acids & Bases Sandbox Achievements:
    • Add/Remove H+ from strong/weak acids and bases
    • Use an acid to create H2O
    • Use a base to create H2O
    • Ionize an acid stronger/weaker than certain acids
    • Use H2O as both an acid and a base
  • Or, make up your own challenges and have students submit a screenshot of their work!

The Acids & Bases game shares Connected Levels with Covalent Bonding. Have your students complete both the Acids & Bases game AND Covalent Bonding, to open up the pipe between these games and CONNECT their learning!