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Looking for a better way to increase student engagement and understanding of chemistry?

Collisions helps students visualize and interact with chemistry concepts through fun and challenging games that integrate with your curriculum.

What teachers are saying


The pedagogy aspect of game is very strong.

Matt A.

Chemistry Teacher, New York


The game really does help students see that things are coming together in a certain way instead of letters on the board.

Brittan W.

Chemistry Teacher, Missouri


Students that played the game did better on exams.

Loyola P.

Chemistry Teacher, Illinois


I appreciate and feel strongly that the games force students to understand what they are doing.
Loyola P.

Chemistry Teacher, Illinois


Visuals are great, and games create environment for critical thinking.

Brian T.

Chemistry Teacher, Texas


It complements the curriculum. Students need multiple representations for long term learning to occur. This also puts multiple senses to work.

Cathy M.

Chemistry Teacher, Ohio


It is great for getting students engaged. There are good systems of modeling in the game that are hard to get anywhere else.

Carol H.

Chemistry Teacher, California

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